Shannon Sak

Executive Director

Shannon Sak - Executive Director

Shannon brings to her position a well-established background in startup business and foundation work. As the Executive Director of Racing for Mental Health, Shannon manages the day-to-day operations and is the project manager, managing processes and monitoring the overall awareness and fundraising efforts.

Shannon’s 16 years of experience with a startup business in which she developed the infrastructure of a healthcare service that maintained a confidential database of its members’ emergency medical data for emergency use. She collaboratively drove process framework that played an instrumental role in providing one of the world’s most comprehensive hospital and public safety database for over 6,500 domestic and 33,000 international hospitals and clinics in its central database.

Shannon graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts and Science with majors in both business and biology. Shannon attended the University of London, London, England: Study Abroad, International Studies Business.

Today, Shannon’s purpose and passion lies in helping people and making the world a better place. When she isn’t working and planning the next fundraising campaign, Shannon loves spending time with her family and going on hikes with her husband and their Labrador.