Mental Illness does not DEFINE you. It is not who you are. It is not what you are.

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About Us


Racing For Mental Health is a not for profit 501c3 entity that was established by race enthusiasts, drivers and mental health professionals who want to share their passions for sport and their concern for the millions of people impacted by issues effecting mental health.

Combining over fifty years in the Auto industry, legal and mental health professions, we decided that time is NOW to do something about the epidemic of Mental Illness in our communities.

Racing for Mental Health is expanding its reach daily as more and more racing fans are becoming aware of our mission. Please join and support us today. 

Mental Illness by the Numbers


1 in 4

around the world suffer from mental health issues
— more than cancer, diabetes or heart disease.



Half of those with mental health issues show signs
of the disease by age 14, but it often takes more
than 10 years to get treatment.


450 million

worldwide have some type of mental health issue.


90 suicides

Nearly 2,200 people/day (800,000/year) die
by suicide—90% related to mental health issues.

360,000 people

with mental illnesses are housed in under-equipped
US jails, 35,000 are in hospitals.

Inadequate Healthcare

Mental illnesses account for 20% of the global burden of disease. Only 3% of the world’s healthcare budgets goes to mental health needs.


$2.5 trillion/year

Spent directly and indirectly on mental health issues. We will spend $6 trillion by 2030 worldwide, more than heart disease, cancer and diabetes.


Top ten sources of time lost to disability globally from all medical causes by percentage

Mental and behavioral disorders account for the most time lost to disability—more than any other kind of disease.

Source: World Health Organization, 2012.

Disability and mortality resulting from mental illness around the world may be underestimated by more than a third

NEW statistics suggest mental illness may account for 32.4% of the global burden of mental illness vs. 21.2% previously estimated—more than a third higher.

Source: Vigo D, Thornicroft G, Atun R. Estimating the True Global Burden of Mental Illness. Lancet Psychiatry. 2016; 3: 171-78.

Our Ambassadors


Our Mission

The mission of this organization is to raise awareness and support for organizations that are interested in educating, servicing and promoting research for issues pertaining to mental health including, but not limited to mental illness, traumatic/acquired brain injury and addiction.

Recognizing the impact that mental health issues play in the lives of virtually every one of us, Racing for Mental Health is partnering with racing enthusiasts across the globe to get a message of collaboration, understanding and action to millions.


Charity supporting the daily struggle with mental health, providing education, awareness and opportunity to everyone affected.