Mental Illness does not DEFINE you. It is not who you are. It is not what you are.



Imagine yourself an Indycar driver. At every race there are almost two million people watching you and twenty other drivers compete for the checkered flag. When you are out on the track it can feel super lonely. Every twist and, every straightaway is full of challenges. Sometimes you can predict what is coming. Most times you can’t. The race lasts for hours but, often, it feels like a lifetime.

During every race there are about 360,000 fans watching who are living each day with a mental health diagnosis. Their lives are full of twists and turns as well. They rarely know what is coming around the next bend or what is sneaking up behind them. Most don’t have a map, a plan or an answer as to how they will navigate their personal course.

The Indy driver is well prepared for his race, his battle to win. He has an end in sight. He has prepared for weeks, months, years for his moment. The driver walks the track, prepares a strategy and executes it all with the support of dozens of people acting as one TEAM to prepare him and his car for two hours of extreme pressure.

The fan has no chance to prepare. The fan is often blindsided by a mental health issue impacting themselves or a loved one. Most have never dealt with this before. There is no roadmap. There is no plan or strategy. There is no TEAM supporting them through a race that will last a lifetime.

Racing for Mental Health is changing that. We are raising funds and awareness to help individuals and their families build a strong TEAM. We are strategic and, along with our partners in the mental health field know how to navigate the twists and turns of mental illness. No one should feel alone in their race, scared, uncertain and hopeless. With your support, they won’t have to.

Whether you’re interested in donating, supporting, participating, partnering or if you may be in need of help join our TEAM now and become part of the greatest race of all.




Charity supporting the daily struggle with mental health, providing education, awareness and opportunity to everyone affected.