Jacques Dallaire

About Jacques

Dr. Jacques Dallaire is an internationally recognized performance specialist who received his Doctorate in Exercise Physiology from the University of Alberta in 1979.

Over the past fifty-one years, Dr. Dallaire has worked with thousands of individuals from the high-performance sport world and beyond, including law enforcement and other high-risk occupational professions, the entertainment world, and the business community. He splits his time delivering sports team and corporate group performance programs as well as individual, one-on-one programs with high performance clients. Dr. Dallaire is President of Performance Prime, a North Carolina based company which he founded and has authored three books (Performance Thinking – Mental Skills for the Competitive World… and for Life!; Helping Kids Perform – Mental Skills Every Parent, Teacher, and Coach Should Master!; Performance Thinking for Law Enforcement). He is a Founding Member of the International Council of Motorsport Sciences and in 2007, was inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame, recognizing the positive impact his work has made in the sport of motor racing.

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